Policy & FAQs regarding COVID-19 (Corona Virus)

Deployment of Precaution at During Our Trips

What precautions is Chindi Safar taking?
We are not only responsible for providing safety to our travelers but also to our staff members and local vendors residing in rural areas. We don’t want to be the one who carries the virus to the mountains, leading to a catastrophe especially when we know that the health care system in these areas isn’t equipped to handle such situations!

Keeping this in mind, we are taking several precautions to ensure safety. Here’s our COVID-time safety checklist:

  • Hosting smaller batch sizes for each trip to limit exposure to the virus and to provide better service.
  • Mandating an ICMR Covid 19 negative report which is taken not earlier than 96 hours before the trip.
  • Checking medical & travel history for all our travellers.
  • Ensuring all properties are equChecking body temperature of all the travellers before they board the Volvo Bus.
  • Providing accommodation on twin sharing basis as a part of all our packages. Single person accommodation can be made available on request and an added cost.
  • Providing personal hand sanitizer & mask to each and every traveller.
  • Providing a travel edition green box which contains personal steel cutlery to ensure that something as basic as a spoon/fork isn’t shared with anyone else. Provision to clean your cutlery will also be made available at all our destinations.
  • Ensuring all properties are equipped with disinfectants and sanitizers in all common areas including cafes, reception desk, and hang-out zones.
  • Ensuring all our mode of transportation (Volvos, taxis, cars etc) are well sanitized and safe for our travellers.
  • Advising our staff to wear face masks & gloves to ensure better hygiene and avoiding direct contact with our travellers.
  • Temperature check for each traveller, twice a day
  • If any team member/traveller shows any COVID-19 symptoms, then, he/she will be immediately isolated and sent back to the base city.

Your Responsibilities As A Traveller

We, as a company, have kept safety at the forefront of organizing these trips. However, in these COVID times, a lot of the onus is on you, the traveller. This is what you can do as a traveller, to be safe and to keep others safe.

  • If you have symptoms of cold, cough, or fever, avoid/postpone your travel and get yourself checked.
  • Avoid going to crowded spaces atleast 15 days before the trip.
  • Wear a mask every time you step out of your home and every time you’re in enclosed spaces with other travellers.
  • Carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and practice frequent hand washing. Make sure to wash hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.
  • Avoid physical contact (and maintain a distance of 3 ft) with anyone who is displaying signs of cough, cold or fever.
  • Avoid touching your eyes/nose/mouth.
  • Make sure to wear a mask if you are coughing/sneezing.
  • If you feel unwell, avoid public gatherings and contact the government helpline.

Cancelling & Rescheduling

Instead of cancellation, can I postpone my trip?
  • Absolutely. You can get the booking rescheduled for any dates till 31st December 2020.
  • If the price of your new booking is higher than the existing booking, you will have to pay the price difference. If the price of your new booking is lower than the existing booking, you will receive a credit voucher of the difference amount. Don’t worry, the voucher will come with a lifetime validity so it can be used for any of our future trips!
Will I be getting any refund if I cancel my trip?
  • Yes, you will be refunded your money as per our new cancellation policy which allows you to cancel your trip even a week in advance!

General Queries on the Pandemic

What do I do if I feel that I may have been infected?
  • The Union Health Ministry has activated a toll-free 24×7 national helpline number 1075 to address all queries concerning the disease. Besides this, the government has also issued a helpline email ID: ncov2019@gmail.com
  • The government has also released helpline numbers for each State and Union Territory, which are as follows (Click to Download) .
  • Here’s a list of testing sites in India for your reference (Click to Download) .