Our Story

Chindi Safar is a new-age tour planning start-up conceived on the grounds of making your trips exciting, interactive, memorable and most importantly easy on your pocket. We at Chindi Safar are a bunch of budget travelers who came together with an aim of breaking the stereotype that ‘expensive is always better’. A brainchild of adventure enthusiasts who believe that traveling is never just about the ultimate destination, rather the hundreds of things that you experience in between. Befriending strangers, enjoying unexpected adventures and other such things is what makes trips super memorable and eventful. What Chindi Safar does is that gives you all these adventure-packed experiences, but in a smart, budget-friendly manner.

Now, addressing “that” one question that we get asked so frequently, “What does CHINDI SAFAR” mean? The answer is quite simple. When we say we are “Chindi”, we try to enunciate that we are cautious, thrifty & frugal yet ensure that the quality of services are never compromised.

Brains Behind Chindi Safar

For Every Chindi Wallet... We Have Chindi Solution!

Sonali Verma

Co-founder & CEO

YOLO is what keeps her going and gives her the courage to grab the dream that picked her. She is always very inquisitive about traveling to explore new places, try out different adventures, meet new people and share interesting life stories with them. A nature enthusiast, a positive being who loves the outdoors, food, and everything around it.

For Every Chindi Wallet... We Have Chindi Solution!

Shobita Negi

Co-founder & COO

“Dil bhi kahin hai pahado pe, thoda sa kahin hai kinnaro mein”, is not just her favorite line from one of her favorite songs but also the only dilemma of her life. Originally from the hills of Kinnaur, her heart belongs to everything that exists in the wilderness while her soul is always willing to scout for what lies beyond the horizon where Sun meets the ocean.


When we started the company the idea was to host a bunch of travelers who love to explore and experience the beauty that exists in nature and in heritage. We as a country are so diverse and rich in culture that we truly believe it is incredible. As a company run by women who have in their respective timeline of travel history loved exploring places solo and taking up new adventures that came along the way, it was something that they wished everybody should at least once in their lifetime experience.
As a company, we have always appreciated and encouraged solo travelers to go places and experience things first hand, without being tailored. We at Chindi Safar have always aimed at keeping our packages up close with nature, locals & everything that defines a particular village, district or the state itself.
Having said that, we have always felt the responsibility to not just support small and local businesses but also promote them outside our work area, for those who wish to take a trip without Chindi Safar. We are a big fan of #VocalForLocal and not only do we preach that but we absolutely practise it.
Sustainability is the key! We are a firm believer of sustainability & have out & out each time encouraged our travelers to practice sustainable and responsible travel. Throughout our timeline (before COVID-19), each of our trips was designed in a way with half a day dedicated to cleaning drive, where our fellow travelers voluntarily joined us in cleaning up of the designated destination.

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